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Our Story



Glenn Clark Jewelers is a one-of-kind jewelry store where all your possessions are treated with care. Here, we provide only the finest pieces carefully selected and crafted by a true master jeweler.

Our Mission/Vision



Our mission is to offer diverse and unique high quality, hand-finished, modern and genuine jewelery products.We want you to tell your story with our expertise.


Our vision is to become the most recognized name in custom jewelry.


An award winning jewelry designer.

With over 40 years in his trade, Glenn has set the standard for mastery in his profession. A visit to Glenn Clark Jewelers means a unique customer experience where dreams are attainable, ideas are sustainable and treasures are inspirational!


More than a jeweler.

Glenn is a proud father and grandfather. His store is more than a jewelry store, it is a family establishment with high standards and high morals. He is honored to provide you with treasures that you can share with your family and friends!


A small business owner.

Glenn is not only giving residents of Memphis a remarkable experience, he is helping drive the culture of small business owners everywhere. Big jewelry stores want your money, we just want your memories!








Not your ordinary jeweler.

Proudly insured through Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company







I'd highly recommend Glenn for any jewelry repair, cleaning or questions. He's an experience jeweler who knows his stuff! 


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